The Mustard Seed Case Club

Do you want to receive a 20% discount on your next purchase?  Of course your answer is "yes!"  Who wouldn't right?  All you have to do is join The Mustard Seed Case Club!  It's that simple.  We know what you are thinking... what's the catch?  Saving money is never as easy as it sounds.   

The catch isn't that bad.  It's actually really simple and it SAVES YOU MONEY.  All you have to do is purchase an entire case AND purchase a minimum of $100 in case purchases.  So for example, if you purchase 1 case of bread, 1 case of beans and 2 cases of frozen broccoli and your order total of case items only comes to $100 or more, you receive 20% OFF! 

So now we know what you are thinking again... Why do I need to purchase at least $100 worth of cases?  Why can't I just purchase one case and receive 20% off?  Well the answer is you CAN purchase just 1 case, but if that case total is under $100 then you only receive 10% off.  Buying in bulk saves you money so the more you buy the more you save

So... why can't you just get 20% off your total purchase of individual items that comes to $100 or more?  We would love to give you as many discounts as we can but unfortunately we would not be able to keep our doors open that way.  The reason we are able to give such a big discount to large case purchases is because it is less work for us.  We place the order, unload it from the truck and then load it into your car.  We don't need to spend time unpacking, pricing and putting it to the shelf.  This is why we can't just give you 20% off your $100 purchase of individual items. 

This is a huge discount and we really think you should take advantage of it.  This is the biggest case discount we have ever offered.  Did we forget to mention that you also get Reward Card points for these purchases?  So basically you spend a little more, we let you save a little more and you earn coupons for your next purchase at the same time.  Sounds like a win - win! 

Popular case purchases include Ezekiel breads, Gluten Free breads, Udi's Gluten Free Pizza Shells, Wildwood Veggie Burgers, So Delicious Yogurt, all non-dairy milk tetra packs, canned beans, canned tomatoes, jars of pasta sauce and frozen fruit & vegetables. 

So to recap, here is the Case Club rules in a nutshell:

  • Place your order by Sunday at 5:00 pm. 
  • In order to receive 20% off, the case pre-order must come to at least $100.  If the case purchases are under $100 then you receive 10% off.  Remember... the more you buy the more you save! 
  • We cannot apply a 20% case discount to any products that are on sale.  You will be given the sale price per product which is always better than our discount price. 
  • Cases MUST be picked up by 10:00 am on the delivery day (Wednesday).  We would love to store products for our customers but we are a small store and simply don't have the space, especially for frozen or fresh products.   

Place your order TODAY! 

Call 788-2463 and ask for Katie.

***The Case Club discount only applies to grocery purchases.  Bulk discounts on supplements and body-care products are negotiated with the store owner. 

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