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Holistic Health Connection - Antioxidants: Frontline Fighters for Health

By: Katie Skinner

Antioxidants are endorsed everywhere we look. Yesterday the antioxidant powerhouse was acai berries, today it is green tea and who knows what the “new” miracle antioxidant will be tomorrow. We do not need to wait though, for the media to tell us what the next new antioxidant will be, all we have to do is take a walk down the produce aisle. The truth is antioxidants are gifts from Mother Nature and we can all grow a garden full of them!

Antioxidants are found in hundreds of different fruits and vegetables. According to Dr. Oz, they all have one thing in common, “they protect the DNA in our healthy cells from damage caused by free radicals, which come from harmful chemicals that we absorb from things like cigarette smoke, pollution, fried foods, and other environmental sources. Too many free radicals running around the body can cause mutations in DNA that can lead to cancer.” So does this mean we should start drinking 10 cups of green tea a day? The short answer is, “no.” According to Dr. Passwater in his book, The Antioxidants, it is not about the quantity of one single antioxidant, it is about the blend of different antioxidants. Dr. Passwater says that it is more beneficial to consume moderate amounts of a variety of different antioxidants then it is to consume large amounts of one single antioxidant. Consuming an antioxidant “’cocktail” will allow the body to be protected from a variety of different free radicals and protect the body from head to toe.* One single antioxidant cannot fight all forms of free radical damage and protect all parts of the body.

Making an antioxidant “cocktail” is easier than it sounds. If you have a blender and freezer full of frozen fruit then you are all set! Smoothies are an excellent way to consume a large variety of different fruits and vegetables packed in to one glass. If smoothie creativity is not your strong point, and you find it difficult to eat large amounts of fresh produce every day, a powdered greens & fruits supplement may be of benefit to you. At The Mustard Seed Natural and Organic Food Store we love Amazing Grass GreenSuperFood drinks. One scoop of Amazing Grass GreenSuperFood contains acai berries, carrots, beets, raspberries, pineapple, cherries, green tea, wheat grass, barley grass, alfalfa, spirulina, spinach, broccoli… and the list goes on! Amazing Grass GreenSuperFood can quickly boost the antioxidant & nutritional value of a smoothie or simply be mixed with water or milk. Drinking powdered greens may sound less than desirable, but Amazing Grass GreenSuperFood comes in a variety of flavors including chocolate, berry and orange dreamsicle. The incredible taste of Amazing Grass GreenSuperFood is excellent for the self-proclaimed veggie hater!

Amazing Grass GreenSuperFood is vegan, gluten free, raw, certified organic and includes probiotics and enzymes to aid in digestion and absorption. Click here for an Amazing Grass GreenSuperFood coupon redeemable only at The Mustard Seed Natural and Organic Food Store, and take advantage of the in-store sale available until January 31st! On Saturday, January 21st come in for the chance to sample Amazing Grass GreenSuperFood at our Juicing & Smoothie Class Open House Event running from 2:00 – 5:00! Click here for event information. The Mustard Seed is located at 969 Arsenal Street in Watertown.


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